Why the Dark?

Because it’s a real strong underground. In the Kazakhstan techno it is difficult to find a person who is able to give you a living techno vetch from his own works with improvisation. Dark does not care about the Kazakhstan pseudo-underground scene, because basically it’s just broadcasting other people’s work, downloaded from the charts in the global Internet.

A lot of people declare their teams and places as the only underground engine in our country. The reason for this is the mass hatred of those surrounding each other and the complete ignorance of creativity on the part. I punish such suckers cruelly by a Dark storm of improvisation with TZA clan or solo. I’m pouring urine in the mouth of any bastard who decided that in our country no one is making a heavy dark techno.

There is no earnings in Kazakhstan with Dark – that is why Dark is true underground techno style! None from commercial segments what play Dark techno here, because all they need is fucking money and glory. But the Kazakhstan is the country of infamous.

The Dark techno has freedom to say anything and anywhere. Furthermore, in most of cases Dark raves here are illegal. In the capital of Kazakhstan, in Astana there are a couple of dozens people who like and want to hear the Dark techno (especially the improvisation). They are totally fucked by mainstream…




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