Dark Place

Enough to play fucking mp3 files. Create something. I want to enjoy the moment of creation and watch the process of smelting and forging dark electronics in real time. To do this, I need money, a lot of money.

I want to create a place in which any independent producer of dark electronic music could create real-time masterpieces in real time, while other people watch the process and enjoy it. The Dark Place.

I am determined to act. Nobody will help with it, everyone thinks here that he is the only and unique star with someone’s downloaded fucking mp3. Therefore, it is difficult to find someone who is ready not with a word, but by the deed to enter into this idea.

It is September. Start from zero.

  1. Active powerful sound system, 1 500 000 KZT – 3 months to save my money.
  2. Industrial basement or storage cellar, anything for place, 200 000 KZT per month.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Decorations.

It seems to rent something I need to find 3 people, who interested in this. But the sound system I must buy by myself. Lighting and decorations can be installed later.


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