Dark Room

«Dark Room» – is a collection of heavy dark techno for the inhabitants of the cellars and warehouses of my republic. These tracks were written during the diagnosis of vertebral displacement, which I received because of three shock courses of treatment with antibiotics of a new terrible influenza virus. In this collection I put the hatred and rage in relation to the medical system that fucked people and the sensations of nightmares that tormented me as a result of the pinched nerves and arteries in the spine.



What is behind this album?

As a result of three crushing virus attacks you resort to use third generation antibiotics to survive by a doctor appointment, who gives a shit on your health in fact. For several months, losing body weight and experiencing the degradation of the muscular framework, you seem to be in a dark room, your eventful life starts to weigh you and your body refuses to serve the mind.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia begins, as a result of which your veins fall into the body, leaving grooves and dimples, panic slowly creeps up and you become a hostage of your own fears. An uneasy reason, it seems to you that you are ill with something terrible and it starts to devour you from the inside. You are immersed in an ocean of stress.

You produce a lot of X-ray research, at the risk of exposing yourself to deadly doses of radioactive rays and finally find a good doctor in another city that understands what is happening to you.

The situation is critical, as a result of hypoxia and nervous exhaustion, demons and evil angels every night seem to be forming such nightmarish visions that you can not sleep for 2-3 days in a row, throwing tranquilizers and sedatives.

It seems to you that you are one foot in the grave, you are almost dead.


But you are not ready to surrender so easily, because you are a master of darkness and darkness must understand who is the master here. Demons must experience the power of darkness that you possess. In the darkness there are no, everyone is ready to devour your pathetic weak soul. If you are light, you are fighting against darkness. If you are darkness, you are fighting with everyone.

The last attacks of suffocation apnea in a dream still will not kill you and you can win, because there is nothing more to lose. Remains only to deal with the phobias that have arisen as a result of this dark journey to the side and back.

I found the strength not to lie and suffer, I returned. Master of darkness will sow anger and rage, will punish. Feel the call of the grave!